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Our most current family picture, taken in July 2011


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The online family tree was refreshed March 12, 2014. There are now 3,485 people in the tree, with 1,014 of them having pictures. I maintain full name, current picture, city and date of birth, wedding date and location, Hebrew names, and who named after (Namesake). Also, date of death and location of burial (cemetary name). If I'm missing any of that info for you or a relative of yours, please get it to me. If not in time for the coming update, then for the next!

Mazel Tov to Aaron and Jennifer Gottlieb on their May 25, 2013 marriage.

Mazel Tov to Kevin and Amy Weiss on the June 27, 2013 birth of their third child, Gwendolyn Jordan Weiss (call her Gwen).

A big Mazel Tov to Jessica Kahn on her Oct 19, 2013 Bat Mitzvah. She did a marvelous job!

Finally, Mazel Tov to Brian and Jenna Katz on their Nov 2,2013 wedding. It was beautiful.

If I've failed to list any 2013-14 weddings, births, or other simchas above, it's because nobody told me! Please call or email me when a simcha occurs, if I wasn't a part of it.

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